We each have a unique path to live.  There are different names that we use to label it.  Some call it destiny, kismet, fate, God's will, ordinance, karma, or inevitable necessity to name just a few.  Our lives become a series of events spurred by primal needs for certainty, variety, significance, love, growth, and contribution.  We all find ourselves wondering if this is all there is, is this why I was put here on earth,  am I making a difference in the world and why aren't I jumping out of bed each morning?  We wake up, put on our mask, trudge through the day constantly checking the time.  Kids to pick up, dinner to be made, laundry, errands, cleaning...no reason so many call the hours after work their 'second job'.  Often we settle for what we have because it's convenient versus chasing what ignites our heart because it's scary.  Many folks wake up in their 50's and start questioning and regretting.  How do you find your passion? How do you know why you were put here? How do I just get a little bit happier in some area of my world?  I can tell you that it isn't quick and easy.  My coaching practice alone has undergone numerous shifts but shift I did! I kept chasing down the roads that intrigued me until, 3 years later, here I am. It's ok to not know.  It's ok to change.  It's ok to screw up.  It really and truly is ok.   What's not ok is to become complacent with mediocrity or anything that doesn't make you grin from ear to ear.  I realize that every morning of my working life I put on a costume and became whomever they paid me to be.  I wasn't being authentically myself in part because their movie paid handsomely but mostly because I was scared to death to take a risk.  

Life coaching has become quite common.  Everyone and anyone can be certified in just a few weeks for the right price.  There are literally hundreds of ways to do so.  Just google become a life coach!  So what makes the difference? In my opinion, you want someone with the ability to coach.  I worked for 34 years in the financial world coaching the work and leadership performance of hundreds of people.  Men, women, young, old, rookies and executives.  I am irreverent, direct and you just cant wiggle your way out of my sights.  I hold people accountable and work from the ground up, one goal, one area at a time.  I can't promise you perfection but I can promise you the best shot at being just a bit happier.


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